Daily Workout Log Template

By | August 26, 2019

Research reveals that people who used to have a workout log are achieving their goals twice faster than normal person. Now a day, everyone has lack of time and time is every thing. If you are really a self conscious person and take put time from your busy schedule just for exercise and stay healthy then workout log is your utmost need, you should consider starting with a workout log. Internet is making it more convenient for you to get access to your workout through web from anywhere in the world and even in your gym. So, if you have a smart phone and internet available all the time then your time to carry paper log with you is going to be over soon. You can note down the time of your daily workout, your progress, your weight, your goal that has to be achieve, and a lot more. It enables you to view your report in form of graphs and compare whether your present diet and workout is going well or not.

Here is preview of a simple Daily Workout Log Template to keep track of your fitness,

Daily Workout Log Template

Here, I can tell you some other benefits for having a workout log:

  • Maximum efficiency
  • Self awareness
  • Set and achieve goal
  • Motivation
  • Accountability

As stated above, these are some of the benefits for keeping a workout log. It enhances your efficiency by keeping a record of it. By the passage of time you realize that how much effort needed to achieve your goals in remaining time. Since your will be in habit of tracking your workout so there will be no possibility to have misconception about yourself although you will be fully aware about yourself and observe the positive changes. A lot of you have some idea what you want to do but what you already done and needed further will be a difficult task and workout log will help you to know this and you can know which areas will be needed more attention. Workout log is worked as a motivator by accounting you of your daily progress. By letting you know that how much load you are lifting today and what should be recommended for you the next day. If you spend an hour today then how much time is needed next time to achieve goal within a month or whatever you decoded.

If you really want to be more efficient and need to have apparent results then you should start working with a workout. It will take you with reaching you next level of your training. You can see results in strength as well as in growth. One last thing for consideration is making a section for your diet in your log will help you even more to achieve goals faster. You can look forward to it and know what diet you have to take and also know that how much workout needed to burn the desired extra calories in your body. so it is suggested that diet portion has to be along with your workout log so it will become easy for you to take a look at it once and know what you are up to.

Here is download link for this Daily Workout Log Template,

Download Daily Workout Log Template