Visitor Log Template

By | December 29, 2018

Visitor log can be useful for websites as well as for enterprises that has a lot of daily visitors. In both cases visitor log will helps to make a record of each visitor by the time date and if he missed an appointment or you need to receive payment from that visitor by a client, etc. visitor log book will enable you to know whether you are getting ranks or not. If you are running a huge business then you surely have a lot of visitors that visits your office for several purposes and you want to attend all of them. It is impossible for you to attend every appointment and attend each visitor who visits your office daily. You may sometimes need to cancel some of your appointments due to busy schedule and in case of some sudden meeting call. That is why the visitor log is needed for maintain all these in your log and contact the important visitor if you missed in any case.

Every time you have a visitor in your office your personal assistant enter his details in visitor log book and when you are not able to receive that visitor then after finishing your work you can check for that log book and know who visits you in that day and if that will be an important person then you may call him and set an appointment for the next day or the time you find free for next meeting. Visitor log will help you to keep in touch with every important person. Visitor log book also has section for contact number if any visitor wants to leave his number and also has the segment for special notes by visitors. In the note section the visitor writes what ever message he wants to deliver to you through your PA. in such way you also know that by which intention that particular visitor come to see you and it also make you realize about further actions.

Here is preview of this Visitor Log Template created using Microsoft Word,

Visitor Log Template

Some of you may think it as old fashioned tool to keep a visitors log but still it is of great use to you. Now digital visitor’s logs are easily available, you only need one time investment and after installing its software into your computer you may easily use it online and has shared information of your visitors easily. It is not easy to use but also mange a lot more things for you, it keep the task you want to perform for any client, it keep time of duration for that task along with the its initial date and date of expiry as well, it contains contact numbers of your clients and also what should be needed to make your client satisfy if any extra requirements will be mentioned by your customer and you kept them into your log for further assistance.

Visitors log is also beneficial for you when you are hosting a website. It helps you to know what type of visitors you have, what will be their age category and which page of your websites visited more by visitors.

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