Problem Log Template

By | December 29, 2018

Log refers to a written record of anything that is specified for keeping log. Log books are often maintained for analyzing the situations and taking the decisions for betterment. Problem log is a document to keep a record of different problems faced at different times, their causes, effects and solution etc. This documentation becomes vital to cope with problematic situations in future, and also provide assistance to eliminate the effects of such situations and avoid them. One can take safety measures for up coming times. This log can be maintained for business as well as domestic purpose, and is equally helpful in both environments. In business problem log can be prepared for each department individually to get more incentives of the document. It is also helpful for the individuals to get rid of their personality problems relating to their behavior. They can determine flaws in their personality and upgrade it by analyzing their problem log and also can find solutions.

Here is preview of this Problem Log Template created using Microsoft Excel,

Problem Log Template


When ever problem log is created following headings must be included.

  • Date and time
  • Situation of problem
  • Cause of problem
  • Detail of problem
  • Steps taken to solve
  • Most effective solution
  • After effects of problem if any
  • How do you feel during?
  • Remarks
  • Suggestion to avoid in future

The contents of problem log may vary in different situations according to the environment and purpose but mostly the above mentioned items are necessary part. You may include some other required details according to your need. Problem log is generated mainly for planning to avoid problems in future. A detailed analysis of problem log provides you the ways to escape from problematic situations successfully. It also reveals mistakes and blunders that become cause of problem. In case of domestic problem log, one can find the ways for good and trouble free management of home.

You may have different types of problems at home for instance problems about kitchen management, about hygiene, about children and many others which needs to be managed properly. If you have prepared a problem log you can analyze your problems and their causes to find a good solution that can help you in future for avoiding the problems or even to reduce the intensity of problem which decreases the after effects of problem. One can get help from personal problem log to improve his/her performance by getting rid of causes of problem. Mostly problem logs are created and maintained at factories and organizations to keep running the operations smoothly. Problems related to machinery and working of plants can be successfully avoided by analyze the previous problem logs that reveal different causes of crisis and also display triumphant solutions for these setbacks. It is not only limited to factories it can be generated for hospitals for better management and for keep record of patients treatment and even in small business, shops etc. Marketing process also can be tracked through problem log for better planning to chase the target goals successfully.

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