Parent Communication Log Template

By | April 5, 2019

An educational institution hardly manages to make their students interested in study. It is very important for them to keep a better communication between teachers and parents. For this purpose, parent communication log worked best to manage all needed for the best interest of their students. Effective communication strategies should develop in accordance to build a strong positive relationship between teachers and parents for the betterment of their children. If you are a fresh teacher, starting to teach recently, or you have some experience of teaching, or maybe you have several years of experience in teaching profession, in every situation you must know the importance of parent communication log and significance of communicating with parents about their children behavior in studies or with other fellows. This will help them to analyze how to tackle with their children and whether he needs some extra attention or some space to resolve some certain issues and prevent your children to be in some serious problem.

Here is a detailed Parent Communication Log Template that can help teachers to keep very good care of parent-teacher conferences,

Parent Communication Log Template

Some useful strategies that need to be put in parent communication log are mentioned here. Parent teacher meeting schedule and some notes for important point should be mentioned in the log with every child’s name. Parent teacher meeting is a hectic conference for the new teachers who has no experience about such meetings before. It is recommended that you have to take some suggestions from your seniors before going to the meeting with parents. Parents may be nervous to face their children report so you need to be patient, polite and courteous for the time being. You should prepare yourself properly by having all the weaknesses, strengths and assessments of each student with you at the time of parent teacher meeting you may use log for this purpose and by doing this you win the confidence of parents and easy put your point in front of them for their consideration.

Parent communication log help you to show them all their previous meeting data and make them realize that your institution really concerned about them and progress of their children’s education is their first priority. Second thing you should do is to be punctual and try to make your parent wait to meet you, then give appointment to each parent with their timing and deal them separately so parent should discuss about their child without any hesitation or shyness.

In parent communication log time limit is also an important factor and if needed then you may organize another meeting as well. It is all about the betterment of their children so they need to come whenever you ask them to come for a conference about their children. At the end of every meeting you should take comments of parents on your log to keep a record and wish them good bye with a positive response and appreciate them for cooperating for the achievement of common goal. Whatever discussed between teacher and parent must not be revealed on the child and make him realize that things are going well, by this you prevent him to be depressed or being under pressure.

Here is download link for this Parent Communication Log Template created using MS Word,

Download Parent Communication Log Template