Meal Log Template

By | April 10, 2019

Everyone is familiar with famous proverb health is wealth, and this precious wealth depends on meal habits that helps to maintain a good and sound health. Meal log becomes a significant document to help you out in finding any shortcoming in your meal plan which may be a cause of illness or sometimes a serious health problem.  Meal log proves its importance by providing assistance in maintaining a good meal plan that fulfills your all body requirements. It also provides opportunity to reveal any harmful ingredient of your meal that may be cause of some ailment. Meal log is especially helpful for people who are interested in body building or who are willing to reduce their weight to get a smart appearance. Meal logs are preferred for patients to keep them on track for improvement. A perfect meal log may contain following information.

  • Food name
  • Major ingredients
  • Diet group
  • Properties
  • Calories of food
  • Side effects if any
  • Availability
  • Effect on health
  • Suitable amount for daily intake
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Meal Log Template

When you are going to set up a meal log, firstly define the purpose of setting it as it may differ in including headings for instance a meal log relevant to a patient may be poles apart from a meal log of a person regarding body building. In the same manner a meal log for a person’s trying to lose weight will be quite different as its purpose is varied then others. It may contain low calorie food with less starch and fat. If a person have not a good idea about his/her meal value, maintaining meal log becomes a helping hand for revealing fact about meal intakes. For this purpose meal log should contain detail of everything that is used as food even candies or chocolate.

After creating meal log analyze it carefully to find anything which is unhealthy. According to your analysis make decisions to change your food plan for improvement in your health. A detailed meal log will reveal to you that how many extra calories you are taking daily that are not burnt in your daily routine and cause obesity. Meal log also assist you to create a healthy and affordable meal plan. Meal log also provide opportunity to cut off your extra expanses spent on unhealthy and minor food items which do not contribute to fulfill your appetite but adds to your monthly expanse greatly. Meal log maintained for patients can disclose effects of different foods on their health recovery. Keeping a record of their eating habit also clears many causes of illness. By adding healthy food and removing unhealthy elements their recovery speed can be boost up.  In fact meal log is significant document not only for patients but also for a healthy person to maintain health and avoid diseases due to unhealthy food. For growing children meal log should be maintained to find any harmful food for their growth and adding best foods for their growth. In short meal log provides good assistance to be healthy.

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