Maintenance Log Template

By | April 5, 2019

Business requires your personal and extra efforts; even all of your precious time if you want to nourish it. When you done all best you can do, just then circumstances changed their scenario and you came to know that new problems arose for having your attention, thus you day may be ruined once again. With the passage of time your business expands and earns you more profit than before such as your problems getting bigger as well as harder for you to maintain and control them. This is why maintenance log book has to be in your custody whether your business is small or big one. It is just like a record book having details in a well mannered way by all the times and not let you forget anything by the passing of time.

Here is a comprehensive Maintenance Log Template that can easily be used for home maintenance record,

Maintenance Log Template

Major task that a maintenance log book performs is to manage your maintenance issues. This log will make you aware of very detail concerning any issue, like what happened, where some issue happened, what would be the reason behind it, and who resolved that issue and whether that issue would be resolved or not. Your employee has the responsibility to fill log for you about what issue arises and what is needed for the resolution of that issue; even if they resolve it already or still needs your permission to start working on that issue. And if its up to you to assign this task to someone then you should know by maintenance log about previous performance and would be able to assign it to concerned person for take better action for the resolution of that particular issue.

You can lean back on your maintenance log if anything goes out of order and maintenance log can tell you whether you faced that issue before or not and if you have that issue before than what would be needed to solve it again. A lot of time some of us forget what should we do to deal with an issue even if we faced that issue before but because of tension we went into a fix and get confused; maintenance log would do its work at such time. It has complete record in it and you can also find from where the problem actually start, how it starts and when it starts thus also know how to fix it and what would be needed for solving it without any loss.

Last but not the least benefit to keep a maintenance log book is that you know whether the issue has been addressed or not, and whether it resolve on time or not. By the help of this log book you can remember even little matters of your life. You may also know who you have to call to fix that problem and how much time need. Many times problems stayed unresolved because you may forget them in doing some other major tasks and they result in becoming serious issue because of your negligence. Maintenance log will make you aware of every issue that has to be sold immediately or with some time duration.

Here is download link for this Maintenance Log Template,

Download Maintenance Log Template