Learning Log Template

By | April 5, 2019

Keeping a log will make you up to date with what ever you used it for. It helped people to analyze their workout progress, it helped people to maintain their vehicle, it worked for the drivers how much they drive in a day, worked well for  pilot how he flown during a flight, and many other events that are managed so well with the help of logs. So when you are learning something it is advised that you should keep a log as a learning log that will help you to make progress in your learning whether it’s academic type of learning or something else.

Here is preview of a good quality Learning Log Template for students to keep very good care of their learning goals & objectives.

Learning Log Template

Learning log help to enhance your learning potential by giving you insight in to your previous performance and you at once know what should be needed for next session. For example if you are learning to drive car then keeping a log will make you know that how is your performance in driving at first day and after a week what you learn more about driving a car or what ever you choose to drive from the day first. It helps you to analyze what experience you had to face during night time drive, what had to be done in bad climate like raining or in storm, and such details will help you to improve your driving. When you face such condition again you certainly know what to do to handle the situation by the help of log.

Student can used leaning log in a best way to improve their performance in studies. He take record of every subject in learning log and after every lecture he will able to assess what he actually learned from the class and at the end of the week he will able to define himself with what he learned and what points need to be cleared again for more understanding and he repeat that assignment for a good preparation of exams. By having your learning log with you, you will surely know what should be taught in class on daily basis and what you actually learn from them. It is matter of fact that most of the students take lectures regularly but not attentively. The sphere of their focus is some where else and they do not even remember what has taught in class after they come back home and take a nap for few hours.

So being a student you should have a note book as your learning log with separators fro identifying different subjects. Date should be mentioned with every entry along with the text book name and also information that your teacher gives as an interesting fact. You may also note regarding website in your log for further assistance. You should also mention your feeling about that learning even with every subject and facts that you want to discuss with your teacher next day. It will not only widen your exposure but also gives you confidence to communicate in class. So as a student one must have a learning log.

Here is download link for this Learning Log Template,

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