Key Log Template

By | December 29, 2018

Key log is not as every normal person who is not known to internet takes it as; key log is actually key logging that has record of every key pressed on your computer whether you type it or someone else. Key logging is a serious issue that needs to be resolved because it is creating a lot of problems and thefts these days. This increase the insecure browsing of your computer because any strange person can download all of your data whatever you types on your computer, files you access on internet or on computer and even important personal information along with your credit card numbers and bank account information could be easily hacked by the key logging spyware. If you are a regular user of computer and most of your business files are on your computer or even if you manage your bank accounts from your computer then you should learn how to remover key log as soon as possible to minimize the risk of your information being stolen.

Here is preview of this free Key Log Template created using Microsoft Word,

Key Log Template

Here to suggest you few things that may help you avoid any mishaps.

Use password- first thing you need to care is that you should never leave your computer without shutting it down. And if there are some pending work and you need to go for a little while then make sure your computer will be password protected and even in standby mode, no one can access to your computer. For office computer your can have key logger software in your USB drive ad every time you take off from office you should run this software to clean all of the key log data.

Avoid unsecure browsing- it will help you to protect your system and also prevent from having harmful viruses too.

Upgrade software- you should update your software time by time because hackers are usually not capable of tracking new techniques.

Never download- anything should not be downloaded from any website you brows first; you have to check for its security level.

Key logger scanner- has to be installed and need to be updated time by time. It is surely a onetime investment and gives you long term results in the form of security and protection of your computer.

The only way to avoid this risk is to install a key logger that scans your computer for hidden key log files and then you can remove them easily. The usually used antivirus software like, McAfee, Spy sweeper, or Avast antivirus won’t do it. They just remove the invade viruses in your computer by insecure internet browsing. Key loggers are designed to not to be detected easily by every one and only professional hackers can access to these files without using any software. Even if you have any doubt that whether you have key logger in your computer or not, you must install a anti key logger software as a prevention before it’s too late for you to know that your files has been stolen and you have to bear a big loss.

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