Issue Log Template

By | February 13, 2019

For running a business successfully and with new trends one should manage the project issues appropriately. For this purpose, here I shared some tips with you to make it easier for you. Issue log can remind you about issue that need to be resolved and thus no client gets frustrated about ignorance of his issue by your firm. For making an issue log you have to keep a register first that is only keep issues regarding any of your projects in it and make it accessible for all members related to that project. In such way every person regarding that project is able to enter issue in it and ideas and efforts to resolve it will be shared by any one.

The next thing you make sure is that decided when and what type of issue has to be logged in issue log register. By doing this you can make accurate accounts of issues regarding your project. You should also mention beside an issue that who will be responsible to handle that issue, it will clarify confusions and assign resolving of that issue task to the person who is eligible to handle it. This is very important for any issue entered in the register to assign it to related person otherwise everyone get confused about the matter and if every one start doing work on same issue then other work may leave pending. So make sure you assign task of a specific issue to specific person. Here is preview of this Issue Log Template,

Issue Log Template

You have to monitor the progress. Check time by time that whether every issue has been up to progress or not. The person who would appointed for that issue may not doing his task then you have to call out his name immediately. You should not let it go on for long period of time. If you do not have the authority then you should inform authorities on time to let them know about the matters going on and how they are going presently. Raise the issues at once but in a proper manner. If some of the issues leave undone then at the end time of project you may have to face a big loss that will proved to be devastating for your reputation as well leave bad impact on our business.

You should assess the impact on the issues. Issue may be stayed in register for long time but you have to make sure that issue will be assigning to the concerned person before its due date and has to be resolved as well. It is also your responsibility to take care of the fact the log will grow and issue has to be resolved and whole process has to continue with the passage of time and no issue remains unresolved. Also make resolution for the issue and get approval form the authorities to make sure it has to be resolved. And the last thing you need too do after its completion is to get rid of it and concentrate on coming tasks. Issue log will help you to carry all your issues on time.

Here is download link for this Issue Log Template,

Download Issue Log Template

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