Fuel Consumption Log Template

By | April 10, 2019

As you know that fuel prices are raising day by day and it make difficult for a common person to manage his vehicle expense along with fuel expenses in a hand to mouth salary. Some people avoid using their own vehicle and traveling in public transport to go to office to cut the fuel expense and to maintain their budget. But it is not the solution that you have a commodity and still avoid it just because you feel that you could not manage your monthly accounts when you have fuel expense as well as other budget. But you can manage to control all these situations if you take a little interest and keep a fuel log with you in your vehicle and note down what mileage along with the fuel consumption  When you have a record of every detail then it will be easy for you to take analysis of what is going on and what will be needed to overcome that particular situation.

Here is preview of a comprehensive Fuel Log Template created using MS Excel,

Fuel Log Template

Fuel log need to be updated when you filled gas into your car, about what mileage you covered in a day, and what type of travelling you have during whole day. It helps you to know when you next time need to take car for filling fuel and even if you think you make expense on fuel more then decided portion of your budget then you may control your extra routine travelling, going for grocery or for long drive, etc. all such activities may be postpone for few days and then you can continue with these things as usual and thus manage your budget. It is up to you that what details you want to mention in your fuel log and how you use them to control your fuel expense. One more thing that is important to be mentioned into your fuel log is that you should mention the brand or station you use to fill up you fuel because it certainly depend on the fuel quality that how much fuel you ride consume during a mile drive or more.

You should mention the gas station every time you filled your ride with fuel because this not only help you to analyze fuel quality but also let you know that what the price difference between different gas stations are. Even difference of few pennies will save you from paying extra for fuel. At the end of month you realize how much you save by taking this one thing in mind, make comparison between two gas stations and go for fuel at station which offer less price or even discount on the purchase of filling whole tanker full of fuel. Now a days digital fuel logs are easily available in market you can purchase one and it surely be your one time investment and give you long term benefits. Digital log will make your tensions away and you are free to worry about your fuel consumption;  only thing you need is to take a look at it every time you fill your tanker with fuel.

Here is download link for the above mentioned Fuel Log Template,

Download Fuel Log Template