Exercise Log Template

By | April 5, 2019

Exercise log can make you remind of what you done and what more need to be done. It will help you to achieve your goals with expected time but if you really know the right way to use an exercise log. When you have lack of information regarding the usage of exercise log then it may restrict your efforts and let you down. For example take your log set up for running, your log usually contains spaces for time duration of the exercise and you may also accept that it is difficult task to decide about entering the time into your log. Some take time in hours and minutes and some prefer stop watch and followed as it is to enter even seconds in their log. Some people also note down the days with time and even the environment they observed around them at that time. All are doing well with their log but important thing to be noted in your log is your goal that is needed to be achieved.

Here is an Exercise Log Template that can help you to quickly track and monitor your day to day exercise details for health improvement,

Exercise Log Template

Keeping your goal in mind will be possible with the exercise log and help you to attain your goal comparatively faster then a normal person who is not in habit of keeping an exercise log with him. If you wan to be a good runner then you need to focus on the time you need to be cut down by the time you exercise and note whether you are improving day by day or not and it is dependable on temperature and climate as well. But if you are exercising for weight loss then you need to concentrate completely on the fact that how many fats you burn after every exercise. Then timing and climate is not as important to be check as for running do. It will be easy for you to analyze about your progress by having exercise log along with you.

There are few important things that has to be in your log for your consideration and these are location whether you are exercising in a gym or at home, how much time you spend in exercising, distance you covered on treadmill or walking on a track, notes about your physical condition according to day, shoes you wearing, weather if you outside, weight every time before starting exercise, your heart rate, your body temperature and how much calories you have burned. You should not overload your exercise log list but enter everything you need to assess your progress.

If you are not using any exercise log then you are surely confused about your progress. You may start work out and after three weeks have no idea how much you gain or loss and even not that what changes been made in to you by exercise. You are just assuming about the changes by yourself. But when you have an exercise log then you surely have every thing in front of you to have a glance at it and know about your progress. So exercise log make your loads lesser by keeping a record for you.

Here is download link for this Exercise Log Template,

Download Exercise Log Template