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By | March 11, 2019

Documentation is a vital process in every field and especially in business.  We often observe documentation even at domestic level. It is quite important to keep a good record of all documents as it facilitates a lot in tracking subsequent actions to be taken as response of documentation.  Document log provides a lot ease in maintenance of business affairs and becomes a fundamental tool.  It helps professionals in managing maintenance of documents; they can track any leakage and its source by analyzing document log. Categorizing of documents becomes easy and useful via maintaining a document log. Document logs can be maintained manually as well as through computer software, a variety of software is available for the purpose. This log is pretty obliging for the officials concerning with documentation procedures. There may be different kinds of document log on different basis such as sent documents, received documents, screened documents, multimedia document, converted documents and confidential documents etc. While creating a document log in a company subsequent captions can be added for better convenience in following times.

  • Date and time of creation
  • Title of document
  • Type of document
  • Concerning department
  • Dealing person
  • Actions taken
  • Remarks

Here is a preview of a sample Document Log Template created using MS Word,

Document Log Template

A document log may contain some more details regarding their situation but above mentioned are common to all logs. Analysis of document log assists to find flaws in working and leads to their solutions. In a document log documents can be sorted using specified criteria that facilitate to track some special matters or view related documents to take some decisions. When log is maintained in a computer system on a network one may include the following information along with above mentioned.

  • Computer name
  • Group name
  • User
  • Drive
  • File size
  • File type whether .doc, .xls or some other type
  • Path
  • Application
  • Backup

Maintaining a document log in soft copy is much convenient as regards to search and track a document and its sequence. It saves time as search in soft copy is much easier and faster than manual searching of documents. Document log supplies a great ease in management tasks. It organizes the documents in such a way that a one can easily find the relevant documents.  Document log can be used online to share in a network; it is much significant for the companies having their own WANs. Online sharing of document log reduces the redundancies in records and documents. Sustaining document log increases the security level of data especially of confidential data and any access can easily be tracked as document log become updated after every access to any file. Using document log becomes a vital procedure to track series of actions taken in regard to any document. In IT section documentation and document management is a key process to progress and document log plays a vital role in it; it lends a hand in timely delivery of software to the client.

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Here is another useful Project Log Template created using MS Word,


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