Communication Log Template

By | December 29, 2018

Communication conveys the concepts and information among people and organizations. It became very critical for progress to communicate effectively and maintain a record of such communication for further use to get immense benefits. Communication log is an effective means to keep this record.  It also assists in tracking the sequence of communication with persons or organization and for auditing purpose. Communication log makes possible to get response and improve communication process that enhances the quality of service. This log provides help to find who, why, how long and what is the status of issue. This log can be generated for diverse organizations and departments for instance in schools for parent teacher communication that helps to locate personality and performance flaws in students, in hospitals for finding causes of diseases and effects of medicines and also doctors’ group discussion on any case. It is much significant to sustain a communication log in business as it provides a complete record of communication with different parties.  It is equally significant to maintain a record of group discussion on any project that enables not only workers but managers and higher authorities to chase the progress on project.

Here is preview of this Communication Log Template,

Communication Log Template

In communication log followings can be recorded.

  • Time and date of event
  • Topic for communication
  • Existing status of communication inside a project
  • Type of event
  • Detail of proceedings and feedback
  • Key decisions

If you keep a record of each of the communication events in your Communication log, then you’ll be able to make certain that your intended communication events in fact take place as programmed. This will help you keep your stake holders informed of the projects development and to spotlight your team on meeting the objectives set. Analysis of communication log facilitates you in following respects.

  • To communicate with your team effectively
  • Guarantee that your communication map is effectively implemented
  • Dispense the correct information to true person at exact time
  • All stakeholders are kept aptly up to date
  • Increase productivity and profitability

As communication log is much significant document in every situation so it must be created carefully and responsibly. A typical communication log for teacher parent communication may contain the name of student, class, performance, weak points, and suggestions for betterment and parent’s feedback. Its analysis enables to plan a good strategy to overcome the shortcomings and also helps to evaluate your performance. In hospitals this log is effective to observe a follow up for the recovery treatment and process of patients. In field of IT communication log plays a vital role as it provides a detailed view of communication with client that supports to create a well equipped product according to the clients’ requirements. In hotels and restaurants communication log provides opportunity to improve the standard of service as it contains the feedback from customers in form of complaints and admiration. While observing a communication log in an industry, one can not only track the flaws in performance but also helps to take good decisions.

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