Cash Flow Log Template

By | April 10, 2019

Cash Flow Log is essential even for a common person and not only for business purposes. In business all cash and payments used to manage by this system, by cash log book or they used cash log software to keep a track of which payments are received and which are due yet. In this way they never regret when some of their payments has late because they have the record for it that will help to accommodate the situation. So if you ever run a firm, or have your own business or starting one than you may know how to use cash log and what benefits to use cash log are. When a customer come to you and after some bargaining you set an order for him then at that time you also negotiate about price and date accordingly. You surely set a date for the delivery of order as well as due date for payment otherwise conditions applied along with payment in form of surcharges or something else as plenty of late payment.

Cash log worked even when you are selling your products online and all your payments managed online. In that it is must for you to have cash log software that keep a exact track of payments and cash so after delivery of your product to concerned person there won’t be any issues regarding payments or no fake customer will able to cheat you. Most of the websites offering products are mentioning to take cash payments on delivery of that product and it will be easier too. So it is recommend that you should carry a manual cash log along with you at the time of delivery of your product to related person and take his signature as a record that customer received the product by himself and there will be no confusion for further dealings. And cash log will enable you to count all the delivery which a made in a day and also take an account of the monthly cash payments you received. And even if some of the payments are still need to be taken by any customer you have record of it your cash log and in case your customer denied that he has any due payment to your side then you should show him the details and convince him, he surely regret this. Here is download link for this Cash Flow Log Template,

Cash Flow Log Template


Cash log is also very useful for a common distributor. He may be distribute any type of products but he surely get some payments for them and for taking a proper account of how much cash is received and which amount of cash has to be paid to the retailer or company should be recorded into his cash log book and this is the only best way to keep a stability in your accounts. Otherwise you generally knew to whom you need to pay but sometimes forget that from where you still need to ask for payments and thus your account disturbed and you are depress to know that you do not have sufficient balance.

Here is download link for this Cash Flow Log Template,

Download Cash Flow Log Template