Car Log Template

By | April 1, 2019

Buying things that you utmost desired gives you the best feeling and when you bought a car, then surely it is too good to have your own ride. The thrilling situation when you rode your car for the first time is always is a good memory for you. Now when you got your new car, here are few tips to keep it in well condition for longer period of time and take care of it by spending few minutes for it. These tips would be beneficial for your car and for you as well to save you money. This is simple phenomena, that if you care for your car, it will be long lasting and you can get more out of it and it stays for long in good shape. When you take your car out of the market place and drive it a lot then there are few things you need to do. First you need to complete your car’s running for thousand miles. Use log to start putting data inside it from the first day and you know its performance with every day performance coming.

Here is good Car Log Template that can easily be used by Car Owners to keep track of their car maintenance,

Car Log Template

Car log make you aware of your engine performance too. When you start driving your car for completing its required running; then always being careful about not pushing too much hard on your engine. If you put too much stress on your car by over loading it, accelerating it rapidly with small intervals, driving too fast then all of this may harm your car seriously. Keep your car neutral when you need to wait on signal’s red light and try to avoid any obstacles come on the way like speed breakers, potholes etc. If you really cared for your car then on its first thousand miles you should keep these things in mind and you certainly see results afterwards o your car log.

When you complete your car break in period of completing thousand miles then few more things needed to care for your car. Foremost thing you need to do is to be in contact with your dealer and get tuning of your car as recommended. Fuel that you start using should be buy from good station and keep car log along with you to make sure if any changes occur due to change in fuel and even if you change gas station for filling of fuel. You might think of it old fashioned but soon you will realize its importance by using it and know your car’s performance every day.

It’s time for you to take a long trip and by passing of every check point you will enjoy your ride and car log will keep your record about how much mileage you covered and how much fuel consume in that specific travelling it also take care of cost you pay for fuel or gas. So, keeping a car log book along with you proves to be a good thing for your car performance, car condition and even good for maintain your budget.

Here is download link for this Car Log Template,

Download Car Log Template