Book Reading Log Template

By | January 10, 2019

Book logs are actually the reading logs that could be seen in many class rooms. It is just some pieces of paper that has different sections in it to write the details such as name of the book reader, author’s name, page numbers, and signatures or sometimes a summary too. Several log programs also recommend that how much amount of pages a reader has to read daily to cover up the course and it has to be signed by parents to double check it although parents involvement is not necessary its just optional. It will help in developing a reading habit in a person. I personally suggest that if you want to become a good reader or you want your child to be one then you should assign him some book and ask him to read it daily for 10-15 minutes and note it in log then after a week you can compare and find positive changes in your speed.

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Book Reading Log Template

You can assign few pages of book to your child and ask him to note time that will be consuming while reading of those pages and after a week you again realize that there are positive time difference at the last day of week than the first day of reading. You can also help your children by sitting with him and listen to him while daily reading time and it is also taken as an opportunity for you to spend quality time with your child. This type of log is in form of open ended that allows one to enter as much information as needed or required. Family involvement is essential to make this task excited otherwise this task of writing log will become a burden for your child and he give up soon because by the time the struggle to make more pages in limited time will be over come soon and book will be finished in mean time so try to cooperate with your child and give him time as he needed.

It is normally observed that parents want to see their child at top of the class but not interested in making any efforts with his studies and teacher feel so helpless in lifting child from even zero to one. Research suggested that parents should read articles and journals regarding information about how to deal with a child who is getting education and according to his level how to help him in his studies and develop reading habit in him. Take it as choose a story book or textbook and ask children it’s their task for the week to make a log of it. They have to write the name of the book in log, time they start riding and finishing time too. In such way you child improve his reading and you can choose good books for him and he will start reading by himself. Reading habit will make good exposure and make him aware of reality. By checking their log daily will be helpful for children to do his work regularly without any delays and skipping or reading.

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