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By | March 11, 2019

Most of us often complain about the shortage of time and face difficulty to manage time and activities. To cope with this embarrassing situation and for good management of time activity log is helpful to enhance performance. Activity log is evidence of time utilization as no one has capacity to remember all his/her activities and as a result can not maintain a balance and improvement in performance and efficiency. To move on the road to success fruitful use of time is key point and by maintaining an activity log one can achieve the purpose. It also facilitates you to analyze your flaws and inform you about the amount of time you spent in purposeless tasks that reduces your achievements. Activity log is different from time sheet as it contains complete information of your activities and time sheet is managed to observe the detail of time spent on a particular task or project.

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Activity Log Template

Activity log is record of your activities in black and white so be careful while preparing it as nothing should be exempted for having an effective document which lend a hand for better management of time to achieve your goals successfully. A typical activity log should contain following point.

  • Date and time
  • Activity portrayal
  • Duration of activity
  • How do you feel?
  • Worth of activity
  • Remarks about the result of activity
  • Any change in activity or routine

Under the above mentioned headings a valuable activity log can be maintained. By analyzing this log you can determine the percentage of your valuable core activities and of low value or useless tasks that are slowing down your performance, so you can reduce or eliminate such activities and pay more attention to the core activities to enhance your performance and achievement level. It also enables you to find specific time period at which your performance might be at peak and you can bring a positive change in your daily routine that brings success closer. Activity logs are equally effective for both individuals and organization. By keeping this log book or daily diary persons become capable of finding and eradicating their short comings and enhance their abilities to greater extent. Activity logs are being used in many fields of life not only in business but also in personal life, even on internet you are facilitated with activity logs about your email IDs and a careful observation can reveal any misuse of ID.  Once you establish your activity log, you can take following decisions by analyzing it.

  • Purge those activities which are not your responsibilities and set your attention toward core tasks.
  • Schedule your most significant tasks on priority basis and at that time when your are more energetic
  • Find out your most productive time during the day when you are full of life
  • Trim down your personal activities for instance time spent in gossips with colleagues, in making tea or drink for you and use this time in useful working that increases your performance.

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