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By | November 19, 2014

Vehicle log is providing safety to you and your dear ones. It contains details regarding distance you covered in day or night time and how much fuel you consume during the day. It may provide you detail insight about your spending on gas and you can control your budget through vehicle log. I am quoting an example by that you may better understand about vehicle log. Vehicle log is now become a part of the Florida Graduate Driver’s License requirement. It means that every adult that applied for the license and still driving on learner’s permit must have a vehicle log with him every time he drives. And on his log he must get approval from his parents or guardian that gives assurance of his driving experience of at least 50 hours that has ten hours’ drive at the time of night included in them.

Vehicle log help your teen age child to get training on wide range driving experience and skills. This log book ensures that he has ready to face every type of road driving. Vehicle log book make it easier for you adult child to get license with fewer difficulties. Otherwise he has to wait for a long duration of time to pass through the test by Florida Graduate Driving License association. Some components of vehicle log is stated here for your guidance. Here is preview of this Vehicle Log Template,

Vehicle Log Template

Date- you have to drive within a week with intervals of one to two days. T will help you to learn the driving lessons without causing any extra efforts. Also try to avoid giving too much gap like three to four days interval between each lesson.

Vehicle- it is recommended that you should use two different types of vehicle for taking driving lessons it will be easy for you to differentiate and understand different accelerations, steering and braking. Before starting vehicle it is better to take few minutes to remind and familiarizing with gears, headlights, gauges and wind shield wiper of vehicle you going to drive.

Route- tries to prepare you teen to drive in routes near the home and only straight roads and stop them from over taking any car in front of them. You should only allow him to take high ways after he get the license.

Weather- some parents avoid to sit beside their teen driver because of the fear of any mishap but when weather is not good and roads are slippery then you should guide your teen while driving and it will give him more driving experience.

Remarks- you have to add remarks about how your teen drive on vehicle log when all major lessons of driving will be going well.

Prep time- is actually the time for having confidence on your adult child and asks him to conduct a prep drive for the inspection of vehicle on his own and record it in log book.

Actual driving time- when driving on main road you analyze that your teen learned major facts masterfully then do not make him drive hard and get tired. You both will rest between lessons for creating a positive and friendly environment.

Here is download link for this Vehicle Log Template,

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