Training Log Template

By | July 10, 2014

When you use log for any purpose it certainly proved to be a good step for that specific purpose. A lot of people used to different kind of logs with them for assistance and better results. Training log is also one of them. If you are up to training for weight loss and have disappointment then it is recommend that you should start considering training log with you and I assure you that you soon see effective and prominent results in your goal. You should keep training log with you to see whether you are progressing or not, whether you lack any effort in your training session or doing a wrong workout for losing your weight. Every minor detail could be checked by the help of training log. It will help you to follow schedule and also make you realize where you can do a mistake that need improvement. Here is preview of Training Log Template,

Training Log Template

Two main problems during training session are seen usually. That is under training and over training. You may over train yourself or still under training that cause trouble. But with the organization of training log, you know details of the workout and it will make you realize about on which date you do what type of exercise and how much time you spend, what was your stamina, and tell you about your performance too. You also include column to mention your weight on the log that will be useful to know how much you gain or loss within a week or twice, whether you are progressing or moving backward in your task.

As an example of training log, here we discuss few things about training log and tell you how to analyze your log. For example, if last time you run on treadmill for 20 minutes then next time you should run on the same speed but with the increase in time like 30 minutes on treadmill because when you doing same routine for longer time period then there will be no visible changes and it will just help you to maintain yourself. So it is best for you to increase your time and make some effort to loss weight faster as you planned. Your training log for weight loss should contain column for mention your weight for every time you workout. Although it is not essential but particularly helpful when you need to burn calories and fats of your body and try to shape your body into a good way.

Remember to add a column for cardio training too it will help you to burn extra calories as well as strengthen you muscles along with lungs to make you strong and tone your body too. Keeping track of cardio with your weight in training log will help you in practical way and also reduce the intensity of other workouts. You may not observe your workout or training routine after a week or twice without any log so it is essential for you to keep a training log along with you in gym or in home, where ever you training.

Here is download link for this log template,

Download Training Log Template

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