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By | November 19, 2012

Some of you may at least once, come upon to hear words “this call is being recorded for security purpose” or something like that on your phone or cell phone from call center. But it is confused with telephone logging while it is actually call recording. Call recording is actually a process in which telephonic conversation would be recorded for some specific purpose that is usually for investigation and used later at time of need. This recording is usually used by companies during training of their employees to check and improve staff’s performance and enhance quality of service. It can be used for protecting liability as well. Telephone log can think as phone tapping although phone tapping is involved a third party who listen every conversation made between two specific parties. But in telephone log system both parties are aware of the fact that there call or conversations has been recorded.

Here is a useful Telephone Log Template to help anyone recording messages received on telephone calls,

Phone Log Template

Telephone log is relatively different form call log in which call records has been analyzed for their incoming, out going and timing they used. But in telephone log whole conversation between two parties has been recorded for some specific purpose and it is usually used in business corporate around the world on telephones system. The most common reason for using call logging by companies are for reducing their call costs by analyzing what call already been made and for what purpose and then by analyzing some fact and figures they make some limit for it. For example a company may use these records to check out whether these calls are appropriate to made or not. Company can check for the logs on individual level or in some specific department and then come up with a decision to take any further step. It would enable you to find out which extension I not in use or which is over used within a specific period of time. We can call it capacity management.

Capacity management is actually calculate and analyze call pattern to point out extra capacity and how it can be cost saving for the company or your business. Another discipline in which such type of logging is used is performance management. This management is taking record of how swiftly along with regular use any individual, extension or department reply to a phone call. By having this data in to your system you can analyze you productivity and performance. This will enable you to take assessment of which target are achieved and which needed some working on few weak points to making that task done.

Many businesses used telephone logging around the world for better management and having sound results in their projects, it proved to be cost effective as well as enhance development within an organization. Investing in telephone logging system is worth you every penny and you never felt regret to spend money to purchase this system. Telephone logging is essential for organizations that expanded globally and have their clients from every corner of the world.

Here is download link for this Phone Log Template,

Download Phone Log Template

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