Fitness Log Template

By | July 10, 2014

If you are a fitness freak or start to become one then fitness log is your foremost need. It will help you to maintain your figure, routine and exercise you have planned to do. It helps you a lot to achieve your desired goals on time you decided. Some people use different type of names for their log such as performance log, exercise log or diet log but all are used for same reason to make you fit and healthy. All have same objective to attain within specific period of time. So whatever you want to name your fitness log but the important thing is that you should keep it along with you at the time you go for gym, start working out or start your exercise.

It proved to be a fact that if you make a note for your goal and keep concentrating on it, you can achieve it faster than normal routine or having nothing to keep an eye on your daily or weekly progress. Just right all the minor details to make a note of what you are up to will help you to enhance your chances to achieve goal as expected and nothing else is needed. Keep it precise and up to date, you do not need to make a lot of effort in writing or putting graphs on it. This log is for your own understanding and ease so make as many notes as you like to make your self aware of what is going on. A good fitness log contains different segments related your fitness training, such as duration of your exercise, name or type of that exercise, intake during training, gap between exercises or weekly gap you make in form of holidays. Along with these you can mention what you want to achieve in long run. Some suggestions are mentioned here that will help you to start your log from now.

Here is preview of Fitness Log Template,

Fitness Log Template

First section of your fitness log must be concentrated on your desired goals or aim you set to achieve in long run or at the end of your training, notes about your performance and fitness achievements has the significant value in your training. It is recommended that you do not stop training after getting your goals but reduce your work out time by time to avoid loosening up body. The next thing to be done is to make a diet plan for the duration you take training. Make a separate section for whatever you eat whole day and also try to take fruits and nectar of different types to make your skin fresh and glowing.

The main idea to keep a fitness log is to maintain your progress and know what things are need to achieve further goals and what are already done. That gives you a motivation to keep struggling for your desired goal and more than that it will remind you about progress you are making day by day. Now when you clarify the concept of keeping a fitness log, it is time for you to be in shape.

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Download Fitness Log Template

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