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By | October 26, 2014

Log files are tend to make your life easier to obtain information regarding problems and plan remedy in detail.  How many visitors visit every day, even every hour, what action they have taken? what is being processed by viewers and all such details. It seems difficult to analyze all this data but surprisingly for you, you can easily analyze all the detail from action log. May be it looks like an odd business to you to check all this messy details together but here are some instructions for you to follow and make this easier for yourself to analyze such files in no time. There are several means to access such your log files that include records of some specific actions. When you update or add some new contents on your website then you have to take a look into these logs twice a day. By using this log you can easily know that what keyword users usually used and what should be added that is in demand by users. In such way you can increase your rating and make good will in your website users. Here is preview of this Action Log Template,

Daily Action Log Template

Action log can be used to know what element is in the last, to know the place of access by users, about users’ actual place and location, key word that mostly used and by this it will be easy to analyze if some particular keyword used several times; may be that is not included yet and net modifications in related article or blog. So before passing more time there will be necessity of adding regarding information in your website to fulfill the demand of users and thus find more followers for your site. That word may put negative effect on your blog or article so be careful to use such words before adding them. To open your log file you have to take help of word pad and ensure that option of word wrap will not be enabled when you open your log file in it. After opening it first thing you find is date and time accordingly then next thing is users’ IP address.

By using some websites you can easily identify that users from specific IP’s belonged to which country. It helped you to analyze that if a lot of people come from same country and you still do not introduce your product in that country, thus you know where your product’s demand created already and now you can easily have good market in those countries by selling and offering your products there as well as in your present country. This small analysis into your log will help you to increase your business and market as well as your demand. Most importantly it makes you realize which product attracts most of the users and which page is visited by users frequently. This type of action log will help you a lot to enhance you fan following but if you want to improve it more then you should get related software that make your work load easily managed than this.

Here is download link for this Log Template,

Download Action Log Template

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